What we do

Specializing in Windshield Repair & Headlight Restoration. We continue to offer our customers the best possible service. Here are a few ways we do this:

  • Andersen Glass Repair We specialize in “Windshield Repair.” We get calls on a daily basis about replacing windshields. We could go to a short training school and begin offering this service, but choose not to. We feel that although we could profit substantially from replacing windshields, that it is better to concentrate on one thing. For example: you have general surgeons doing a variety of surgeries and you have surgeons who specialize in one thing, i.e.: heart, brain, spinal. Which brings us to this question: If you needed heart surgery, who do you think would do a better job? The general surgeon or the heart surgeon? Glass replacement companies specialize in glass replacement, not repairs. Repairs are a very small sideline for them. We specialize in repairs.
  • Andersen Glass Repair We use only the best, patented repair tools on the market. There is plenty of inferior, cheaper repair equipment out there, but we have chosen to use only the best. We are able to offer a solid lifetime guarantee, in writing on our repairs.
  • Andersen Glass Repair We use repair resins that not only meet the “National Windshield Repair Association” standards, but surpasses them. The resins we use are the most expensive. We choose to pay more because they are the strongest and give our customers the highest quality repair possible. We are consistently receiving FREE samples from dozens of resin companies out there. These resins end up in our garbage. WE WILL NOT USE ANY OTHER RESIN, PERIOD!
  • Andersen Glass Repair We specialize in “Headlight Restoration.” What sets us apart from our competition, we sand the surface, and uv seal headlights to original manufactures look. This process costs far less, compared to buying new lenses. Don’t let your family drive around in a unsafe automobile. After process is completed, lighting will be 100% and lights will look like new.

We offer “Complete Mobile Service.” Home, Work, Office. We cover all the “East Valley.”